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LWV of Huntington

Celebrate LWV's 95th Birthday

Celebrate the LWV'S 95th Birthday with LWV Huntington
Friday, Feb. 13, 2015 12:00 -2:00 PM

Black and Blue Seafood Chophouse, 65 Wall Street, Huntington (2 blocks north of Main St.)
$25.00 for lunch including choice of entree, dessert, beverage, tax, and gratuity (alcoholic beverages extra)

RSVP: Judie Gorenstein 491-3177 or JoAnn Alario-Paulsen 427-0871

Upcoming LWV Huntington Programs


By Presidential Proclamation, the month of January has been designated as HUMAN TRAFFICKING AWARENESS month. The L.W.V. of Huntington will be presenting our third annual program dealing with this very serious issue.

On January 26, 2015, at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, at 7:00 p.m, the movie "NOT FOR SALE" will be shown. Directly following the movie a very informative group of experts will share their knowledge.

We will have with us that evening Judge Ukeiley, who was the presiding judge for the Human Trafficking Court of Suffolk and Matthew Okerblom, who has been involved in the Federal end of legislation dealing with human trafficking. In addition we have invited local agencies working with victims and survivors to speak and answer your questions.

For further information contact: Pat Fuchs 631-423-5178 or JoAnn Alario-Paulsen 631-427-0871

LWV Huntington Legislative Committee

Legislative Committee

Do you enjoy discussing water protection, energy options, campaign financing, women's equality, election processes, ethics, judicial justice and other public policy issues?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, I encourage you to visit the January Legislative Committee meeting. We will be setting the agenda for the next few months leading to April/May visits with elected officials from Huntington.

Prior to these visits we discuss the background education materials supplied by our state league organization and reports from our local league observers to the town board and county legislature. I believe you will enjoy being a participant of a team of 3-4 committee members having a conversation with your NY state representative.

Arlene Forwand, Chair

League Awards to LWV Huntington Members

Congratulations to Pat Fuchs and Joyce Whitehead

Pat Fuchs and Joyce Whitehead were recipients of the LWV of Huntington Voter Service Awards at the LWV-Suffolk County Post Election Brunch.

Patricia Fuchs and Joyce Whitehead went beyond expectations as members of voter service committee. Not only have they both been present at almost all of our drives, but their dedication and enthusiasm clearly shows when they are there and helps engage people, both young and old. Besides helping register and educate voters, they have already recruited one new member for our league. In addition, Pat has been a moderator for a school board Meet The Candidates Night Congratulations to you both!

Joyce Whitehead, Freida Stangler, Pat Fuchs at Huntington Fall Festival

LWV Huntington Voter publication

The most recent issue of LWV Huntington's Voter publication is now available online.

Position on Housing

LWV of Huntington's Position on Housing

On June 27, 2002, members of the LWV of Huntington voted to accept the position statement on affordable housing adopted by the LWV of Suffolk County.

In order to meet the current and future housing needs of all citizens regardless of economic circumstances, there should be a diversity of affordable housing opportunities and types (ownership and rentals and single and multiple dwellings).

About LWV Huntington

The LWV of Huntington is an active and vibrant nonpartisan voluntary organization. Our mission is to encourage and engage citizens into being active and educated participants in government. We never ever support a politician or party. However, if after a careful and thorough study of an issue, we do come to a consensus, we advocate and lobby for it as well as lobbying and advocating for the national and state league legislative positions.

Democracy is not a spectator sport and we in the LWV of Huntington are definitely not spectators. We do voter registration drives, sponsor candidate nights, engage students in programs at their schools, help register new citizens at naturalization ceremonies, visit our elected politicians, attend Huntington Town Board meetings, do programs on the environment, health care, government, etc.

If you wish to know more about us, call the LWV of Huntington at (631) 421-5164 or email our officers or attend any of our meetings including board meetings. All are welcome!

LWV Huntington President: Judie Gorenstein


Officers of LWV Huntington

Judie Gorenstein

Vice Presidents
Brenda Reiss
Barbara Magaliff
Pat Fuchs

Treasurer and Membership Chair
Joyce Whitehead

Recording Secretary
Pat Fuchs

Corresponding Secretary
Arlene Forwand

Editor of Voter
Barbara Jo Kingsley

Elected Directors
JoAnn Alario-Paulsen
Fran Hyde
Barbara Jo Kingsley
Linda Lessing
JoAnn McCarthy
Rosemarie Sepanski
Dianne Slavin

Appointed Directors
Eileen Coblens
Teri Connaughton Schug
Ann Gardner

Honarary Directors Emerita
Marilyn Brown
Irene Ferrand

Active committees of LWV Huntington include:

Environmental committee
chair: Brenda Reiss

Legislative committee
chair: Arlene Forwand

Voter Service committee
chairs: Dianne Slavin and Barbara Magaliff

Youth committee
chair: JoAnn Alario Paulsen

Anyone interested in being on these committees should contact the committee chair for information.